Wyoming State Senator Lynn Hutchings
Senate District 5

About Me

I have always loved to read.  I keep a book with me everywhere I go.  As I read, I developed a great love for history, government and the Christian religion.  I was fortunate enough to marry a man who loved the same topics. 

As I began to delve more into our great nation's history, I found, that the way things were in government were not the way they were supposed to be.

In 2010 I was with a  friend who asked if I would be interested in running for office, due to the World View we shared.  I decided to run and after my second campaign I won. My voting record shows when I was in the House of Representatives, I followed the dictates of my Worldview, which is a Government that is Limited, Constitutional, Fiscally Responsible, Transparent, Accountable and Accessible as the Founders of this nation envisioned. I worked for the people in my House District. This phrase is simple, but so true, Government is best, which governs least.

I hope you like what you see and read then choose me to serve you in the Wyoming State Senate.

Why I Entered Politics

The Importance of an Educated Electorate

The very first Article and Section of our Wyoming Constitution states, "All power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority..."  So, the people must be educated.  I know the only way to maintain our ability to govern ourselves is through knowledge.  By birth we have certain inalienable rights – rights which government was created to protect.  Today, too many think that government is supposed to provide for our wants and needs but that is simply not the case. Understanding the difference is critical.  Together, armed with knowledge about our Constitutions and the principles of freedom found therein, we in Wyoming can stand firm against the onslaught of federal, state and local government control over our lives.

 "The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of                                                       true liberty. "
                                              ~James Madison          
I see our Federal, State and Local governments have overstepped their boundaries as outlined in our U.S. and WY Constitutions. Each branch of government has been designated specific enumerated authority but each has crossed the line and these abuses of power have trickled down to every household in America. I also look at the Declaration of Independence and see that the very "injuries and usurpations" we fought so hard to free ourselves from at our nation's founding have returned to shackle us.  

"Whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void and of no force."
~Thomas Jefferson

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